Bowery Mural at Houston St Logan Hicks Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe mural, not yet completed, was garnering a great deal of interest with locals and tourists

All summer, we have enjoyed a plethora of new outdoor murals throughout our five boroughs, but none is more hotly anticipated than the next artist up on the Bowery Wall. Artist Logan Hicks, known for his intricate stencil murals, will be creating a seventy-foot-long mural entitled “Story of My Life.” He began the project by inviting friends, family and fans to Greene Street in Soho one afternoon, where he asked them to simply walk down the street. Perched high on a ladder, he took hundreds (or was it thousands) of photographs that he would ultimately composite into one. The images include people who have most influenced his life during his ten years in New York, now clearly in view within his mural.

Aug 5th after the rain Logan Hicks Bowery Wall Untapped Cities AFineLyneA photo taken shortly after a rain storm destroyed layers of the artist’s work

He began the complicated stenciling process on the Bowery Wall on July 25th, during some of the hottest days so far this summer. But shortly after applying several layers, torrential rains hit our area, and destroyed his work. The wall had to be prepared to begin again.

Bowery Wall at Houston Street Logan Hicks Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe property owner, the Goldman family, have a guard posted 24/7

When we heard that Mr. Hicks’ restarted the mural this week, we decided to get a sneak peek at how it was coming along.   We were delighted to see how far the project had progressed. “Story of My Life” is due to be completed by August 28th. We will share the completed mural photos in our September Art Installation Roundup. View Mr. Hicks’ “Allure of the Sea” in the Lower East Side, and reconstruction of a shipwreck off the High Line last year.

Logan HicksA closer look at the finished portion of the 70-foot wall clearly shows images of those closest to the artist

not yet completedWith pedestrians walking by, you can see the scale of the mural, which runs at a length of 70 feet

Logan Hicks“Story of My Life” is due to be completed by August 28, located at the corner of Houston Street & the Bowery

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