Stand Here to Activate Your Superpowers-Street Stamp-Graffiti-West 4th Street-Bank-Greenwich Village-NYC-4

Never let it be said that people in New York don’t express themselves in interesting ways. One of the more creative forms is graffiti and street art. Most people are familiar with art expression on the walls of buildings, train cars, and the like, but in large cities like New York, Miami, and London, for example, street or sidewalk art is becoming a common form of expression. The last few years have seen the proliferation of  “Art Stamps,” or stenciling. This form of art is usually composed of short thought provoking or positive messages. It can be found on many New York City streets and while it normally is not a good idea to walk with your head down, here is our list of ten to get you started

1. THANK GOD I’M AN ATHEIST (Howard Street and Broadway)


This stamp has been attributed to the street artist with the name “Uncutt Art.”

He has been quoted as saying  his name stands for purity or as he put it “that thing where art comes from. I create art from the heart to touch people’s souls, it’s the best thing ever.”

Uncutt Art is a big Steve Jobs fan as well but what creative person isn’t? While this play on words is found in several places someone decided to offer a second opinion here in crayon. He has both a Tumblr and Instagram account for his work.