7. The Architect of the Chelsea Hotel was Pro-Socialist

According to the Chelsea Hotel Blog, Chelsea Hotel builder Philip Hubert was an admirer of pro-socialist utopian philosopher Charles Fourier. Fourier believed that it was the job of society to adapt to human nature, rather than forcing humans to adapt to the industrial and commercial demands of society. For architecture, this meant housing large numbers of people in the format of a co-operative community (termed a phalanstery by Fourier) with an emphasis on shared dining experiences and public promenade spaces. The commune would be welcome to people of all backgrounds, a requirement necessary to engender the most fully functional society. The 100 rooms, the layout, and the number of occupants designed for the Chelsea Hotel is a direct application of Fourier’s ideas.

Philip Hubert also built the Lyceum theater, a community theater and the first of its kind in New York City.