In the past, Untapped Cities has explored some of New York City’s oldest bakeries. This year, peppered by comments and suggestions from our readers, we decided to take a deeper dive into family owned and operated bakeries and patisserie spots that bring a sense of history and ethnic flavor to specific neighborhoods throughout our five boroughs.

Here are 23 old world bakeries in New York City, organized from oldest to newest:

1. Caffe Roma in Little Italy

Caffe Roma has been family owned and operated since 1891. They are known for their cannolis, some of which are larger than a hot dog bun! Other dessert favorites are Amaretto Italian cheesecake, sfogliatella, pignoli cookies and home made gelato. Caffe Roma is located at 385 Broome Street in Little Italy.

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6 thoughts on “23 of NYC’s Old World Bakeries

  1. My grandpatents family came over in the great immigration wave in the 1880s and 90s. We understand an aunt stayed in NYC and started or married into a bakery. We have no married names unfortunately.
    Does anyone know if there is a listing or complete history of bakeries in NYC we could contact?

  2. Many of these marvelous bakeries are still with us because the families were able to buy their buildings.
    Sadly that was not true for the old Vienna shop on Third Ave nor the Paris on Sixth Avenue. Mrs. Herbst’s
    (Hungarian) cheesecake in Yorkville was renowned for its ethereal wedding cakes and before East 86th Street
    became a suburban mall there were Kondetorei to meet for a caffe mit schlag and Sachetorte. Yum….

    1. If you don’t know Moishe’s Kosher Bakery on Second Avenue (included here) you’re in for a treat…their moist
      Mohn cake is out of this world….

  3. Hello,
    Please let me know when you ship. Italian bread, cookies, cakes, pies etc. I used t o get shipped item that were frozen then shipped.

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