3. The Arch of Triumph (Formerly Arch of Palmyra)

It has been confirmed. The replica of the Arch of Triumph (Palmyra Arch) will be arriving in New York City on September 19th, on the heels of World Heritage Strategy Forum at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts from September 9-11. The reproduction is a model of the 1,800 year old arch, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was destroyed by Islamic State Militants last October. The 20-foot, 20 ton model, made in Italy from Egyptian marble, is intended as an act of defiance, and to show that restoration is possible through new digital technology.

The Arch will be in New York City for one week, with a location yet to be announced, with associated programming and exhibitions at the New York Public Library, the Morgan Library and the Grolier Club, as well as educational programming in local schools.
The programming and exhibits will be welcoming to the blind and sight-impaired visitors.
The Arch of Triumph made its debut at World Heritage Week on Trafalgar Square in London from April 19 – 21 of this year. A similar Arch went on view at the  2016 Venice Biennale, where it will be on exhibit from May to November 2016