5. Brooklyn Bridge Park is Full of Diverse Ecosystems

Brooklyn Bridge Park is known for its rich biodiversity, which can be attributed to the inclusion of native plant habitats in the waterfront site. To suit the aquatic environment, which includes salt marshes and wetlands, the plants were specifically selected for their salt and wind tolerance. All the green space is also managed organically to ensure the environment stays healthy. Underneath Pier 1’s Freshwater Gardens, for instance, a series of stormwater storage tanks collect rainwater that is used to irrigate the land. It is considered one of the most unique garden beds in Brooklyn.

Moreover, Brooklyn Bridge Park was designed with wildlife viability in mind. Ecological features, like the soft edges of the shoreline, protect the landscape during storms while the uneven surface of the rip rap ensures that the park’s salt marshes are shielded from aggressive wave action. The resulting habitat is ideal for waterfowl, crustaceans and other species that live in the area.