12. El Cid, Don Quixote, and Boabdil, Audubon Terrace

El Cild full statue Audubon Terrace

Audubon Terrace is the cultural mecca designed by Archer M. Huntington on the former estate of John James Audubon. While, some of the of the Terrace’s tenants have long departed, it is well worth checking out the underrated and often overlooked Hispanic Society of America and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Don Quixote, Audubon Terrace

In the courtyard, Huntington’s wife Anna Hyatt Huntington, created a group of sculptures to complement the institutions housed at Audubon Terrace. Amongst the most impressive as a statue of El Cid on his horse Babieca surrounded by four figures representing the Spanish Order of Chivalry, Don Quixote on his horse Rocinante, and Boabdil, the last Moorish king of Spain atop his trusty steed.

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