bryan-zanisnik-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneMonument to Walken by artist Bryan Zanisnik

The annual Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition (EAF) at Socrates Sculpture Park has opened. The fifteen emerging artists were chosen from an open call process that attracted hundreds of candidates, and reviewed by the park’s 2016 curatorial advisors, Larissa Harris (Curator, Queens Museum, and Amanda Hunt, Assistant Curator, Studio Museum in Harlem. They will be exhibiting their work from September 25, 2016 to March 13, 2017. Here are each of the fifteen winning artists, with photos obtained from Socrates Sculpture Garden website.

1. Hermes in the Reflecting Pool

onyedika-chuke-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneForever Museum Archive: The Untitled__Circa 2000, 2016 by artist Onyedika Chuke

The winged feet of Hermes, the Greek god of transitions in a reflecting pool is part of the ongoing research project, The Forever Museum Archive (2011-Present) by artist Onyedika Chuke. The collection of objects in his project analyst modern-day protests and globalization. Choke, who was born in Nigeria, is a graduate of The Cooper Union (2011), and is based in New York.

2. 97/6 Dalmatian – 43/2 Swiss Cheese by Dmitri Hertz

dmitri-hertz-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyne97/6 Dalmatian – 43/2 Swiss Cheese by artist Dmitri Hertz

Roll the dice for your interactive fate-making tool with this pair of sculptures by artist Dmitri Hertz. Using a regular numbering system inscribed on the surfaces,97/6 Dalmatian – 43/2 Swiss Cheese asks the the viewer to question how to decrypt an indiscernible meaning.

3. Monument to Walken by Bryan Zanisnik

bryan-zanisnik-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneMonument to Walken by artist Bryan Zanisnik

Did you know that the actor Christopher Walken was born in Astoria, Queens? The artist Bryan Zanisnik did, and created an entire installation entitled Monument to Walken – with 10 heads of Walken and a comic that chronicles Mr. Walken’s adventures in the park, and his history in the neighborhood.

4. And Here is a List of Names by Sable Elyse Smith

sable-elyse-smith-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneAnd Here Is A List Of Names by artist Sable Elyse Smith

The exhibit And Here is A List of Names by artist Sable Elyse Smith examines how language and image shape our collective identity. Considering that Smith refers to the archive within her own body for reference, And Here is A List of Names offers views of violence, black male subjectivity, gender slippage and police/citizen interaction in fragmented narratives.

5. Accidental Flight by Dylan Gauthier

dylan-gauthier-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneAccidental Flight by artist Dylan Gauthier

Accidental Flight by artist Dylan Gauthier is a two-part project exploring flight, invention and collaboration. The sculpture is based on triangular-trussed kites built by Alexander Graham Bell, and created from 3D-printed nylon components, epoxy, aluminum, pvc coated polyester, and braided kite line. Visitors are treated to a kite pattern to take away, assemble and fly. In addition, Gauthier will host a monthly kite-flying performance throughout the length of the EAF16 installation.

7. AQ625: Site on the Move by Dachal Choi and Mathew Suen

dachal-choi-and-matthew-suen-for-socrates-sculpture-park-untapped-cities-afinelyneAQ625: Site On The Move, 2016 by artists Dachal Choi and Mathew Suen

Just imagine a floating Socrates Sculpture Park, high above the city. AQ625:Site on the Move is a web-based project by Dachal Choi and Mathew Suen. The billboard works in conjunction with a working website that hosts a series of six artist projects speaking to the inkjet vinyl billboard image.

8. Apparition by Elizabeth Tubergen

elizabeth-tubergen-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneApparition by artist Elizabeth Tubergen

Illustrating the artist’s perception of the current trajectory of urban development, Elizabeth Tubergen constructs what she calls an absurd structure, part staircase to nowhere and part seating for an unknown event, disassociated from any clear relationship to the surrounding space. The installation entitled Apparition will have you imagining future urban landscapes.

9. Selena Open Casting by Travis Boyer

travis-boyer-selena-open-casting-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneOpen Casting by artist Travis Boyer Selena

The common structure of a lamppost is transformed with a collections of objects to create the installation, Selena Open Casting by artist Travis Boyer. With an ode to the Tejano music star, Selena, who died in 1995, the lighting elements are based on commemorative cups, while the empty baskets create space for acts of public reverence.

10. More Light by Galeria Perdida

galeria-perdida-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneAll Else is Pale by Galeria Perdida

Is it floating up, or sinking into the ground? Valeria Perdida looks to the viewer for the answer in the exhibit entitled All Else is Pale. The three-dimensional text installation investigates how design, color, surface and context of words inflect and disperse meaning in a creative way, by allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the text.

11. Design within Reach Shows Counterfeit Famous Furniture

lea-cetera-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneDesign Within Research by artist Lea Cetera

Lea Cetera’s installation, Design Within Reach, is a series of enamel painted steel chairs based on iconic designs of Modernist architects. Here she presents counterfeits of luxury designs by well-known names like Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. Design Within Research was created with painted steel, aqua resin and hardware, using durable materials to bring to a public park a design typically used only for private consumption.

12. Dilated Surpintel by Lia Lowenthal

lia-lowenthal-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneDilated Surpintel by artist Lia Lowenthal

The artist Lia Lowenthal envisions a musical instrument as an architectural model with her piece entitled Dilated Surpintel. With this artwork, she has recrafted a grand piano, attempting to accentuate the seductive quality of play between interior and exterior space, as organs are structurally integrated into cathedrals.

13. Terracotta Impressions by Liene Bosque

liene-bosque-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneTerracotta Impressions by artist Liene Bosque

Referencing the historic New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Works building on Vernon Boulevard, Liene Bosque’s installation Terracotta Impressions is a brick structure bearing imprints of local architectural features captured by park visitors during her performance walks conducted in the neighborhood during her residency.

14. Condition of Exile by Olalekan Jeyifous

olalekan-jeyifous-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneCondition of Exile by artist Olalekan Jeyifous

Playing on the increased construction and taller buildings, the installation entitled Condition of Exile suggests a composite building emerging from a twisting trunk-like tower, as if to be an aspiration of a luxury housing development. Created by artist Olalekan Jeyifous, the wood, metal and acrylic artwork contains various surfaces and organic patterns derived from the park.

15. ST, ND, RD, TH, TH, TH…. by artist Madeline Hollander

madeline-hollander-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-untapped-cities-afinelyneST, ND, RD, TH, TH, TH…. by artist Madeline Hollander

Site-specific performances based on government mandated public signage will be performed by artist Madeline Hollander. Survey flags mark the paths of the choreography. Scheduling for performances will be throughout this installation.

Bonus: Applause on the Broadway Billboard 

lisa-oppenheim-for-socrates-sculpture-garden-billboard-untapped-cities-afinelyneBroadway Billboard: Lisa Oppenheim will be on view from September 25 to March 12, 2017

While you are at Socrates Sculpture Park, take note of the new Broadway Billboard: Lisa Oppenheim. Entitled Applause, it is taken from the artist’s ongoing study of color and perception, in particular, how blue roses can not occur without human intervention. Here, Oppenheim brings the viewer a truly blue rose by digitally shifting color tones. Broadway Billboard: Lisa Oppenheim will be on view through March 12, 2017.

socrates-sculpture-garden-concave-room-for-bees-untapped-cities-afinelyneConcave Room for Bees by artist Meg Webster has been extended through March, 2017

You can still enjoy Meg Webster’s Concave Room for Bees, since it has been extended at Socrates Sculpture Garden through March, 2017.

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