10. United Palace Theater

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

After Luke is shot by the newly developed “Judas” bullet by Stryker, Claire gets him to the Harlem Women’s Clinic. Stryker tracks them down and attacks them there, then breaks into the United Palace Theater, one of the five Loews Wonder Theaters in the New York City area. The United Palace is located at Broadway and 175th Street in Washington Heights. These were among the most opulent of the movie houses ever built in the United States.

Luke enters the main lobby, then heads into the theater itself. Stryker/Diamondback/Willis is up in the balcony, but Luke runs and knocks over a support pole. These poles do not actually exist in the real theater, but were added for the set and storyline. Stryker is injured but re-emerges after Luke down the street from the theater, reveals himself to be his brother, and shoots him again.

In 1969, the theater was saved from possible demolition by  Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II (Reverend Ike) who transformed the theater into a church. The building, now known as the United Palace Theater, is still home to the Rev. Ike’s church and is also used as a performance venue. See photos of the Wonder theaters here.