6. Staircase at the Base of the Throgs Neck Bridge Rumored to Lead to Civil War Tunnel

According to an urban legend, a Civil War-era escape passage is rumored to run between Fort Totten in Queens to Fort Schuyler in the Bronx, where the East River and the Long Island Sound meet. The tunnel has never been found and some historians continue to maintain that it’s a myth: the technology to construct such a tunnel, under more than 100 feet of water, did not exist at the time, they argue.

Even so, several clues seem to suggest otherwise: dead-end corridors, bricked-up chambers and a staircase at the base of the Throgs Neck Bridge pillars have all been associated with the secret tunnel. Regardless, Fort Totten itself is a wonderful place for urban exploration and is frequently featured in film locations like in Daredevil and The Blacklist.