1. There Was Once a Daytime Ban on Heavy Trucks

Throgs Neck Bridge roadway

In 2005, the MTA partially banned heavy trucks (over 40 tons) from crossing the Bridge after a series of cracks along the steel floor beams were discovered. Although the ban had already been in place for years, it was never strictly enforced until the cracks began to appear at an alarming rate.

As part of the new restriction, heavy-load trucks were only allowed to use the bridge from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. alongside an escort to assure the vehicle would move slowly across the span. Otherwise, trucks had to either divide their loads or resort to the longer route: the Van Wyck Expressway and the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

The ban was later lifted in 2009, after the roadway was repaired in the aftermath of a fire that took place on July 10th of that year.

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