“Why is everyone in costume today?” A cab driver asked us on our way to the Jacob K. Javits Center Saturday afternoon. He must be new to the city, because for the last six years, October has meant one thing to a section of people in New York City: Comic-Con. It’s an event we look forward to mostly because of cosplayers who spend all year crafting incredibly detailed costumes. Last year, we shared with you 10 Great Cosplay Moments from the 2015 convention and this year we are sharing 10 more. If you missed out on Comic-Con, here are some photos to inspire you to make next year’s convention and perhaps to make some cosplay of your own.

10. Alexander Hamilton


On the first day we arrived at the convention, we saw this young lady dressed as Alexander Hamilton. The woman accompanying her (her mother, perhaps) added to the cosplay by dressing as one of the Schyler sister and even carrying a plush Aaron Burr around. Thankfully, no one challenged her to a duel.

9. The Empire and The Rebels Form a Band


Jamming all over the convention center was this group of friends who decided to put a twist on some of the most iconic Star Wars characters.

8. Borderlands Take Over NYCC


On the way to the many food trucks parked in the Convention, we stumbled on this massive Borderlands cosplay group. Six years after the original game was released on major consoles, the fandom shows no sign of letting up.

7. Batgirl


One of the best redesigns of a character we’ve seen in a while is what artist Baba Tarr did with Batgirl. This design of the Batgirl costume started in 2014 and has quickly been accepted by female comic book readers and cosplayers.

6. Meet The Sisters


Did you see Kubo & The Two Strings? These two young ladies did and were such big fans of the stop-motion animated film, that they decided to come dressed as Kubo’s evil aunts.

5. Cyborg


For years, Cyborg was known only as one of the members of Teen Titans, thanks to the early 2000s animated show on Cartoon Network. With Cyborg making his big screen debut soon, you can expect a lot of people to take this guy’s lead next year.

4. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


Fans of the classic 1988 John Carpenter science-fiction satire can all appreciate this cosplay of our two Presidential candidates.

3. Thundercats


In Artists Alley, we kept hearing screams of “HOOOOOOOOO” that confused many people. That is, until they saw a group dressed up as the iconic Thundercats. Sadly, there wasn’t another friend who could have dressed up as Snarf.

2. Lex Luthor


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was not well received by fans. We did see some folks dressed up as the two heroes all weekend, but no one was dressed as Jessie Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor. Perhaps the people at WB should have stuck with a form of Luthor that people are more familiar withL one with a giant purple and green robotic suit.

1. Joyce Byers


You know you’re doing cosplay right when people start running from one end of the convention to the other to get a photo of you. Dressed as Winona Ryder’s character from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, this young lady was stopped every few seconds as excited fans of the show wanted photos.

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Chris Inoa actually hasn’t made it back home from the convention, he’s stuck somewhere called “The Upside Down.” If anyone knows how he can get out, contact the author on twitter @ChrisLInoa.