prospect-park-fall-foliage-giginyc-brooklyn-secrets-nycProspect Park foliage. Photo by gigi_nyc from the Untapped Cities Google Glass Scavenger Hunt

Fall is officially in full swing. As we start to embrace its chilly breeze and indulge in treats, such as cider and everything Pumpkin related, there’s another aspect of the season that’s worth visiting – the striking, bedazzling colors of fall foliage.

While the beautiful array of colors may not be as noticeable in New York City, there are still plenty of places both in and nearby the City where New Yorkers can enjoy the splendors of autumn.

10. Central Park


As the fifth largest park in New York City, and the largest park in Manhattan, Central Park has a plethora of spots to take in the fall foliage. Enter at the Fifth Avenue and 59th Street entrance and enjoy a stroll over the vintage Gapstow Bridge, with an assortment of fall colors in the background. Otherwise, start at the Conservatory Water, near Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street, and gaze at the hawthorn trees covered in red berries. Further towards the middle of the park is the 38-acre Ramble. In the southern section of the Ramble is the Tupelo meadows, comprised of a cluster of Tupelo trees with leaves that appear in various shades of red, yellow, and purple.

For an unobstructed, panoramic vantage point of the foliage, head over to Belvedere Castle. Built to provide park visitors with a great view of Central Park, Belvedere Castle’s observation deck provides an unparalleled vista of Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn.

You can also head to the secluded northern parts of Central Park where the various oak, elm, red maple, and black cherry trees will leave you feeling like you’re in upstate New York, without having to leave the confines of the City.

On Sunday, October 23, Central Park hosts a Fall Photography Scavenger Hunt–a fun family event that takes place in the northern end of the park at the Dana Discovery Center.