Woolworth Building-Mezzanine-Interior-Landmark-NYC

We’ve added a new date for our perpetually sold out tour of The Woolworth Building, one of New York City’s most famous off-limits landmarks. Join us on October 22nd for a guided walk through the early U.S. skyscraper, once the tallest in the world. (We also have two dates lined up this November!)

Since 2013, we’ve worked with Woolworth Tours, a company founded by Helen Post Curry, the great-grand daughter of the building’s architect, Cass Gilbert to curate tours of the building lobby and basement level specifically tailored for our discerning readership here at Untapped Cities. Though its Byzantine, cathedral-like interior of glass tesserae and marble is landmarked, security concerns after 9/11 rendered it closed to only those that worked in the building.

VIP Tour of the Woolworth Building

Untapped Cities will offer an hour-long tour of the normally off-limits Woolworth Building which will feature not only a visit through the stunning lobby but also a visit to the mezzanine and the basement level where the bank vault still stands. On this tour of the underbelly of the Woolworth Building, you’ll get a complete picture of the engineering feat and aesthetic masterpiece that the skyscraper is.

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