Prospect Park. Photo by gigi_nyc from the Untapped Cities Google Glass Scavenger Hunt

Strolling across the city’s iconic bridges rank high on the list of quintessential New York City activities—hence the reason the crowds at the Brooklyn Bridge or the vehicles on the Triborough Bridge can makes these strolls somewhat challenging. If you’re looking for structures built with pedestrians and bikers exclusively in mind then, check out these 11 pedestrian bridges below.

1. Ward’s Island Bridge


The Ward’s Island Bridge, a vertical lift bridge, is exclusively for use by pedestrians and bikers to access Ward’s Island on the East River. Originally painted in a yellow, red, and blue pattern, the bridge was recoated to its current blue-green somewhat unexpectedly, taking many neighbors by surprise in 1986. After a restoration in 2012, the bridge is now open 24/7. The restricted access in the past was actually a result of Manhattan residents fearing the allegedly criminal behavior of the patients in the Manhattan State Psychiatric Center, then located on the island.