We’re here at Astor Place taking in the re-installation of the Astor Place cube after a long, delayed restoration. Just a week ago, the NYC Department of Design and Construction was still being vague telling us: “A new date has not been scheduled for the return of the Alamo cube, but we will advise as soon as this information is available.”

But today, the cube arrived on a flatbed truck from New Jersey, where it was being restored. It’s been two years, and New Yorkers are understandably excited!

Heres’s a video of the installation that took place today, with many more photos below:

First, the DDC staff is trying to figure out how to bolt down and attach the base. And now the cube is being prepared to come down.

People here are beyond excited, some using expletives to emote upon seeing the cube. Many are waiting patiently to witness the moment of installation.


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