vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-citiesPhoto from 220 Central Park South by @vic.invades featuring @tombruise_ in the image. All photos below by @vic.invades.

New York City’s urban explorers are taking things to new heights, both above and below ground. The scaling of 432 Park Avenue in 2014 by @Demidism set a new bar, but these new death-defying photographs we received from @vic.invades showcase the new brand of photographers/explorers that have found a creative outlet and community on Instagram. These photos were taken above a residential skyscraper in Midtown, located on 220 Central Park South, which is currently under construction by developer Vornado Realty Trust.

@Vic.invades tells Untapped Cities that scaling up the building was an otherworldly experience:

“…the feeling of climbing to the top of this location felt out of this world. It’s as if I was testing out the location for the wealthy people who will eventually be living there. I got to check it out first which is a privilege.”

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities5Photos by @vic.invades

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities2Photos by @vic.invades

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities3Photos by @vic.invades

Moses Gates, urban explorer and author of Hidden Cities noted admiringly, “This @vicinvades shot’s one of illest I’ve ever seen. Crazy how the new gen upped a game I thought couldn’t be upped.”

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities4Photos by @vic.invades

Designed by American architect Robert A. M. Stern, 220 Central Park South – one of several major developments on and around 57th Street and Central Park – will feature 65 floors and 150 units when it is completed. It will also become the tenth tallest scraper in New York City.

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities6Photos by @vic.invades

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities7Photos by @vic.invades

vic-invades-central-park-tower-57th-street-nyc-untapped-cities8Photos by @vic.invades

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