Green-Wood Cemetry. Image via Paul Lowry

It’s a big week next week, with the 2016 Election Day. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the political race or avoid it, please go vote and express your democratic rights, whatever your political beliefs are.

Monday, November 7th

Check out the Accessible Art Fair, hosted in the National Arts Club, a Gilded Age mansion on Gramercy Park.

Visit inside Brooklyn’s state of the art recycling facility with New York Adventure Club.

Tuesday, November 8th

It’s Election Day! Under New York State Election Law, you are allowed up to two hours paid time off to go vote if you don’t have sufficient time (4 consecutive hours) outside working hours to vote. Check your polling location, as people on our team have found odd discrepancies already. Then, grab some comfort ice cream with the Ample Hills Creamery’s 4 Pack of “Madam President” and “Make American Orange Again” flavors.

Wednesday, November 9th

The Museum of the City of New York will celebrate the 100th year of the NYC Zoning Resolution with the opening of the new exhibit, “Mastering the Metropolis: New York and Zoning, 1916-2016.” The exhibit will examine the effects of the evolving law and chart the history of the city’s zoning rules and debates to the current day, illuminating how the tools of zoning have reflected a century of evolving ideas about what constitutes an “ideal” city.

Take a look back to the never-built memorials for the 9/11 World Trade Center site in the talk “9/11 Memorial Visions: Innovative Concepts from the 2003 World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition,” at the NYPL Mid-Manhattan Library by Lester Levine, author of the recent book on the memorial competition. Take a sneak peek at 10 never built proposals here.

Join in on another Jane Jacobs centennial lecture at the Museum at Eldridge Street with Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation who will speak on the legacy of writer and preservationist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006), whose work changed the way the world views and understands cities.

Thursday, November 10th

At the Mount Vernon Hotel, Museum & Garden, step into the past and enjoy a night in a real 19th century tavern in “An Evening in the Tavern.” Play some hot games of whist and cribbage, and peruse the latest newspapers and broadsides from the 1820s. Engage in a political argument or two and enjoy local cider and other period refreshments served from a 19th century ice box.

Friday, November 11th

It’s Veterans Day! Explore many of New York City’s former forts or see if you can get a military friend to let you into the secret bar inside the 69th Regiment Armory.

You can also get a visit inside Gertrude Whitney Vanderbilt’s studio at the New York School.

Saturday, November 12th

Join Brooklyn-based writer, Allison C. Meier, on a walking tour of Green-Wood Cemetery, where you’ll learn about the history of the site and examine its collection of gravestone portraiture.

Sunday, November 13th

Our Underground Tours of the NYC Subway is sold out this Sunday (and through July!)  but you can get tickets for the rest of 2017:

Join us on an upcoming Behind the Scenes Tour of NYC.

 Top 10 NYC Events

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