11. Astronaut Streets of Heartland Village, Staten Island

While pedestrians can find several themes throughout Heartland Village in Staten Island – there’s an Alaskan theme (Alaska Place, Yukon, Klondike Avenues, etc.), a college theme (Purdue, Vassar, Rockne, Villanova and “Merrymount”) and a New England theme (Bowdoin, Copley, Bangor) – the most notable naming system uses the monikers of astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs of the 1960s.

The featured names include noteworthy space-explorers like James McDivitt, James Lovell, Wally Shirra, Frank Borman, Deke Slayton, Pete Conrad, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper, and Gus Grissom.

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