5r. Spirit of New York City Sculpture in The Hoop Garden at Carl Schurz Park

in Carl Schurz Park 11-4-16

Spirit of New York City by Japanese artist Yasumitsu Morito sits just above the Hoope Garden at Carl Schurz Park. The sculpture is set on a vessel symbolizing our cities melting pot, and is meant to reflect serene contemplation amidst the combustion of our city. While we were there, viewers were having a great deal of fun taking selfies with the new installation. Morito, who teaches ceramic sculpture at the Art Students League, was one of the 2014 M2M artists in Riverside Park. His sculpture is part of the Art in the Parks program, bringing experimental and traditional art to our parks. Spirit of New York City will be on view through April 25, 2017, located near the 87th Street entrance.