4. Telling the Story of Two Parks, Tree Reflections Grow on Staten Island

The artist Susan Stair is known for creating portraits of trees through her artwork. Pressing clay onto living trees, she records their species, age and strength. The main components of her current installation entitled Tree Reflections are cast from the Osage Orange tree, found near her home in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. She was attracted to this species because of its patterns, bending forms, and endurance, demonstrating its unique historical importance.

Her new installation, Tree Reflections, located at Conference House Park Visitor Center on Staten Island, is a series of clay tiles cast from two Osage Orange trees, combined with mosaic pieces that tell the story of the two parks. In addition, an exhibition of Stair’s work is in the Conference House Park Visitor Center’s Lenape Gallery, as part of Native American Heritage Month. The park will also offer a solstice walk for Native American Thanksgiving on December 18 at 12:30pm. Tree Reflections will be on view through October 14, 2017. Conference House Park Visitor Center is located at 298 Satterlee Street on Staten Island.