wonder-city-feature-image-gctGrand Central Terminal’s Main Waiting Room as drawn by The Wonder City’s artist, Courtney Zell. Grand Central will feature prominently in the new web comic starting next week on Untapped Cities.

On December 6th, Untapped Cities will launch a new webcomic called The Wonder City.  As we mentioned a few weeks ago it’s a story as epic as New York City itself, spanning its 400 year history. Below is a brief teaser where our main character Velma Graydon, now in her 90’s, goes to Grand Central Terminal to unlock a critical secret that will be revealed later on in the story.

Take a look!




Be sure to check in every Tuesday from now on to see how the story unfolds. If you absolutely can’t wait, and want to purchase as hard copy of the Wonder City stories, check out our Holiday Gift Guide. Please also join us for an upcoming tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal:

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal