6. Luminescence at Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park


Set within the curved landscape of the Peninsula in Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park, along the East River, Luminescence consists of seven sculptures both aesthetic and educational. A phosphorescent material integrated into the surface of each domed shape absorbs sunlight during the day and illuminates the phases of the moon at night with a soft blue glow. Additionally, the concrete and aggregate sculptures are etched with the moon’s pattern of craters, mountains and valleys. Placed at an overlook, the sculptures offer visitors the opportunity to contemplate the many influences of the moon – from its mystical and poetic powers to its physical gravitational pull on the river’s tidal rhythm. Luminescence is a project by the NYC Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Parks & Recreation, Nobuho Nagasawa; Thomas Balsley Associates; Weiss/Manfredi Architects.

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