5. The Croton Aqueduct/High Bridge

Attic space in the interior of High Bridge. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Loorya.

The construction of the Croton Aqueduct was a major engineering and public health initiative, celebrated with a fountain display at the fountain at City Hall Park. There are many remnants of the Croton Aqueduct system throughout the city (and upstate), but of prime importance to this issue are the elements on High Bridge, the oldest bridge in New York City and a former aqueduct.

In 2015, High Bridge itself was  transformed into a new pedestrian crossing between the Bronx and Manhattan, it is still important to note that elements of its infrastructure that could provide a better historical and scientific understanding of the system are still off-limits to the public. This includes the hidden attic spaces on each end of High Bridge, which we previously showcased, which give an inside look into how the aqueduct is constructed. This space also still bears historical graffiti from the Works Projects Administration era.