Untapped Cities reader Michael DiMaio shot this neat footage (above) of the abandoned Worth Street Subway Station, one of New York City’s many abandoned stations, which you can see if your 6 train is running slowly between Brooklyn Bridge and Canal Street. The station was located on the original IRT line between Chambers Street and Canal Street. Closed to passengers since 1962 because the new Brooklyn Bridge station was too close, Worth Street is a tagging hotspot, as you can see in the video with work visible by SEBO,NEG and JESUS SAVES. The street and the station is named after General William Jenkins Worth, a hero of the Mexican War in the 1840s. These days, most of the original details are covered over the graffiti but earlier photos show terra cotta W’s.

Here’s the full 1.5 minute video:

Here’s a still photograph of the station:

abandoned-worth-street-subway-station-graffiti-michael-di-maio-nycPhotograph via Wikipedia by 3am.nightly

Join us for an upcoming underground tour of the NYC subway. We won’t check out Worth Street but you’ll see an abandoned platform and more!

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