3. The Shelton Hotel, 525 Lexington Avenue

The Shelton Hotel (now the New York Marriott East Side) is noteworthy because it is one of the first skyscraper residential hotels, as well as one of the premiere buildings constructed along “hotel alley” on Lexington Avenue. Built in 1922-23 in the Romanesque Revival style, the edifice is considered to be the first to successfully abide by the 1916 Zoning Law, which established limits in building massing. The regulation was put in place in order to make sure tall skyscrapers did not prevent light and air from reaching the streets.

Notice the setback recessions as the skyscraper gets higher and higher. Its noteworthy design, which has received awards, largely impacted the aesthetics of other hotels and apartment complexes to come.

Upon its completion in 1923, it was utilized as a men’s residence with 1,200 bedrooms. It later opened to women in 1924.