9. Graybar Building, 430 Lexington Ave.

Built in 1925-27, this 30-story office building (originally known as the Eastern Offices Building) is part of the “Terminal City” Midtown development owned by New York Central Railroad. Like many of the sites on this list, Graybar has close ties to Grand Central Terminal. Not only does it include a passageway that connects with Lexington Avenue but it also incorporates several train platforms.

In terms of aesthetics, it is inspired by Art Deco and Byzantine-style influences, which can be seen in the stone reliefs on the facade of the building. From 1927 to 1982, it also served as the corporate headquarters for the Graybar Electric Company, for which it is named after. Other tenants include the J. Walter Thompson Company, Turner Construction Company, Young Men’s Christian Association and S.L. Green Realty, which holds a long-term lease. Don’t miss the sculpted rats that run along the facade of the Graybar.