Coffee Shop: Omonia Cafe

Located off of the N and W line on Broadway is a cafe and restaurant with delicious sweets and savories. This Greek coffeehouse boasts a variety of pastries that range from cannoli to baklava, along with a street-side view and an outdoor sitting space. A great thing about the cafe is the late hours. Open until 4 a.m on Friday and Saturday nights, the cafe–situated in a popular nightlife part of Broadway–is a perfect last stop for late night revelers who have had a drink too many.

But arguably the best feature of the cafe–and what makes it a must-visit for anyone in the area–is their fusion of Eastern European and Italian sweets, known as Cheesecake Baklava. The scrumptious treat consists of a layer of fluffy cheesecake, sandwiched between two savory, nut-laden layers of Baklava, with the cheesecake in the middle mellowing the syrupy, rich sweetness of the baklava. The fusion of these two ostensibly incompatible sweets has become one of their most popular delicacies.

Omonia Cafe is located at 32-20 Broadway, Astoria

Endless Hookah Places


All along Steinway Street, especially from 30th Ave. to Astoria Blvd., are numerous hookah lounges that serve a variety of hookah flavors with an assortment of teas. While some of them don’t serve alcohol, there are plenty that also have a bar menu.