Shopping: Ukulele at the Uke Hut


While Astoria is best known for its Greek, Egyptian, and Moroccan multicultural diversity, there is also some Hawaiian components there too. Located a few blocks away from the Museum of Moving Images, on a nondescript street is a ukelele store that is hard to miss.

Uke Hut is a specialty store that is reputed as the “first ukelele store in New York City.” The tiki lamp and musicians frequently performing at the entrance make the store hard to miss, despite its location in a less popular part of Astoria. In addition to concerts, Uke Hut also offers private ukelele lessons seven days a week for those who wish to learn this Hawaiian instrument.

Make sure to check out Uke Hut’s website for more information about concerts and private lessons.

Uke Hut is located at 36-01 36th Ave, Astoria