1. The Second Avenue Subway Cough


During the construction phase of the subway line Upper East Side residence living along the second avenue started to complain about a nagging, protracted coughing. The chronic coughs is believed to have been due the blasting that took take place at the construction sites, and the subsequent plumes of dust that would permeate through the air.

In response to complaints by residence, the MTA conducted an air quality test by proxy of the firm Parsons Brinckerhoff back in Sept. of 2011. The study concluded that the Second Avenue posed no threat to the public’s health, stating that, “There are no chronic or acute health problems associated with the odor thresholds” that many residence were complaining about.

Despite the results of the study, many residence continued to attribute their recent chronic coughs and congestion to subway line, remarking on how the advent of their ailment coincided with the construction, thus dubbing the condition “The Second Avenue Cough.”

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