9. The Second Avenue Station is The World’s Most Expensive Subway Line

Second Avenue Subway_NYC_2017__Untapped Cities_Bhushan Mondkar-3

Constructing a subway line in one of the oldest, most densely populated cities in the world is inherently expensive. Add to that the conglomeration of conduits, pipes, building foundations, and various other underground infrastructures and the task is obviously quite arduous.

Yet, with a total expenditure of $4.6 billion, phase one of the Second Avenue line racked up a staggering price tag. While no one denies the significance of the line and the benefits that will be reaped, when compared to similar projects in other countries, the price tag is exorbitantly high.

To put the price into perspective, Paris recently announced a massive $25 billion plan to build 4 new metro lines, 68 stations, and over 190 kilometers of track by 2030! Hence, according to David N. Schliecher, associate professor of Law at Yale Law School, the Second Avenue subway phase I is the most expensive subway project ever built.

The MTA however, believes that such comparisons are an oversimplification. Richard Barone, Vice President of Transportation at the Regional Plan Association states that, “It’s not exactly an apple to apple comparison” and that there are other complications to consider.