14. Long Island City

Photo: JoJo Whilden/SHOWTIME 

Is Quinn paranoid or onto something? In the fourth episode, he breaks into the neighbor across from Carrie’s apartment. Convinced he’s been watching their apartment, he stays up to observe and sees the neighbor get picked up carrying a bag in the middle of the night. He grabs Carrie’s Volvo car keys and tails them to Long Island City, where he watches the neighbor unlock the padlock to the warehouse to Medina Medley (not a real New York company) and truck parking. This warehouse is located at 35th Street between Hunter’s Point Avenue and Borden Avenue.

Things come together the next day, when we see Sekou arriving at the job Reda got back for him. It’s the same spot and we see on the signs in more detail that Media Medley is a “Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine purveyor.” We won’t spoil it but the ending of the episode is a game changer for the season.