25. “Sunnyside” Diner

Goodfellas DinerAt the end of episode 9, Quinn confronts Dar Adal in his home about the attempt on his life (and the killing of Astrid) at the lake house. Dar denies his involvement and a phone call on a line Quinn taps in the house reveals that the mysterious man in the hat who has been behind most of the shenanigans this season has gone a little rogue. Quinn traces the call to a diner and heads there to see what’s up.

The sign of the diner shown in the episode says “SUNNYSIDE” diner, indicating it’s in Queens but the actual film location is the Clinton Diner  (now known as the Goodfellas diner) in Maspeth, Queens. It is one of the last stand alone diners in New York City and has been a film locations in Goodfellas, the Good Wife and other shows.