5. Lake View Cemetery

Cleveland-Lake View Cemetery-James A. Garfield Memorial-Ohio

With so many notable people who hail from Cleveland, it’s not surprising they would plan impressive final resting places for themselves. The cemetery of choice for the Gilded Age industrialists was Lake View Cemetery, still an active cemetery open to all. The most famous place inside Lake View is the burial site and memorial of assassinated President James A. Garfield (above). Inside there’s a gold, mosaic dome with motifs that illustrate Garfield’s life and the history of the United States. Katharine Goss, President and CEO of Lake View Cemetery, tells us that since 2015, a restoration effort has been underway to stabilize the structure, prevent water leakage, and strengthen the building.

But among those also buried in Lake View include John D. Rockefeller, Elliott Ness, Alan Freed (the radio DJ credited with popularizing rock ‘n roll), Henry Sherwin, founder of Sherwin Williams, and a host of Cleveland society. Also don’t miss the Jeptha A. Wade Memorial Chapel, a neoclassical standalone structure on the lakeside with a beautiful interior of Tiffany glass.