6. Diorama Maps of Sohei Nishino at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is currently showing eleven large-format Diorama Maps created by Japanese artist Sohei Nishino in the exhibit Sohei Nishino: Bricolage. Unlike a typical road map, Nishino’s creations are the result of thousands of photographs, processed, and pieced together in a mosaic, representing his interpretation of a city, whose streets he immersed himself in for up to three months. Standing before his large-format diorama’s, Nishino encourages the viewer to take a look at their own city through a different lens. Not as a grid map, but in the personal ways that make a city feel like home.

The exhibit Sohei Nishino: Bricolage will be on view at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery to March 4, 2017, located at 505 West 24th Street in Chelsea.