Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Climate Change in Trump’s NYC: How at-risk neighborhoods are combating sea level rise [Curbed NY]: Ironically, most of the efforts in the city’s fight against global warming are taking place in the same neighborhoods that voted for Donald Trump, a man who once described climate change as a hoax invented by the Chinese.
  • Building to the Sky with a Plan for Rising Waters [NY Times]: There is a breathtaking view of the mid-Manhattan skyline, pierced by the Empire State Building, from the 48th floor of the taller of two new copper-clad apartment towers along the East River, just south of the United Nations. No plutocrat will enjoy it, however. This impressive penthouse aerie is hogged by five emergency generators. The American Copper Buildings, just right of the Empire State Building, were designed so that tenants could live in their apartments for at least a week if the area floods.

  • The Forgotten Streams of New York [Narratively]: While few modern-day New Yorkers have heard of Tibbetts Brook, it is one of the city’s great lost streams—one of dozens of trickling waterways, both named and anonymous, that were once the lifeblood of a burgeoning metropolis.
  • Take a Walk through the Abandoned Bowery Subway Station [Bowery Boogie]:  If you’re planning a visit to the abandoned Bowery subway station, which I am not encouraging, make sure to bring bail money and are ready to run. The city’s Vandal Squad has eyes on this NYC gem 24/7. As an alternative, check out the video below, shot in 2015 by YouTuber Urban NYC.
  • Last Look at the Old Lanza’s [EV Grieve]: As demolition commences, look inside the now (almost completely) empty Lanza’s, which had been serving Italian cuisine here since 1904.

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