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Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • New city light display expected to be popular tourist attraction [New York Post]: A permanent light show coming to the city’s toll crossings is going to “blow people away” and could become the Big Apple’s newest tourist attraction, Gov. Cuomo boasted. The bridges and tunnels operated by the MTA and Port Authority will get fitted with new multicolored, energy-efficient lighting over the next three years.
  • New York City bike lanes have improved drastically [Curbed NY]: The de Blasio administration and the city’s Department of Transportation are making strides in their “Vision Zero” initiative, an action plan intended to help put an end to traffic deaths and injuries, but there is still a long way to go. In 2016, the DOT expanded the number of protected bike lanes by an unprecedented amount in any previous year, adding roughly 75 miles to the network, however, critics say that it’s not enough.
  • An Ad Hoc Affair: Jane Jacobs’s clear-eyed vision of humanity [The Nation]: In East Harlem, she noted, 1,110 stores had been razed to make way for housing projects. Jacobs argued that these little shops couldn’t simply be replaced by supermarkets. “A store is also a storekeeper,” she said. Stores were not just commercial spaces; they were also social centers that “help make an urban neighborhood a community instead of a mere dormitory.” Even empty storefronts had a function, often sprouting into clubs, churches, or hubs for other civic activities. When these spaces were destroyed, the community was gravely wounded.
  • Is the Second Avenue Subway the Best New Museum in New York City? [Architectural Digest]: New York’s Upper East Side—home to historic Museum Mile—has a new permanent installation thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s 31-year-old Arts & Design Office and its $4.5 million public art budget. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently revealed works by artists Sarah Sze, Chuck Close, Vik Muniz, and Jean Shin on the walls of the soon-to-be-opened 96th, 86th, 72nd, and 63rd Street stations of the Second Avenue subway line.

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