Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • New York Tries to Revive Garment Industry, Outside the Garment District
    [The NY Times]:
    As Fashion Week unfolds on glittering runways this week, the city’s once-thriving garment manufacturing industry has little to celebrate. Many companies are struggling with rising rents and labor costs and outdated work spaces and losing business to competitors overseas who can make clothes more cheaply.
  • Times Square heart art highlights NYC’s love of immigrants [amNY]: It’s Times Square art with heart for New York City’s immigrants. A new work, “We Were Strangers Once Too,” is located on the south side of Father Duffy Square and features a count of foreign-born New Yorkers inscribed on 33 metal poles. The poles, which are highlighted by country, form a heart when seen head-on.
  • The forgotten New Yorker who changed the ‘80s music scene [New York Post]: When the members of New Order arrived in New York for their first North American gigs in 1980, they were greeted by a booking agent, a drug supplier, a tour guide and their own personal chef — all of whom were the same woman.

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