Food Sermon

The Food Sermon takes the Caribbean and West Indies heritage of Crown Heights into the new century, with a modern offering of “Island Bowls” packed with flavor. In 2015,  the New York Times pronounced the arrival of the Food Sermon in almost blessed terms: “…the Food Sermon, standing on a corner with its windows shining and its name in letters as yellow as the noon sun, may be mistaken at first for a sleeker, more modern place of worship. Perhaps that’s no mistake, if you consider food a matter urgent for the soul.” The Food Sermon was one of the early newcomers to this stretch of Rogers Avenue in south Crown Heights that includes indie movie theater Video Revival, Marker Coffee, and the bar Branch OFC.


Berg'n Beer Hall-1000 Dean Street-Crown Heights-Jonathan Butler-Brooklyn-NYC

Berg’n beer hall at 1000 Dean Street has a rotating cast of food vendors that make it an ideal spot for brunch on its long, communal tables. Currently, you can find Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Lumpia Shack, Dub Pies and Landhaus. Berg’n is the brainchild of Jonathan Butler, who also founded the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg and runs office space in 1000 Dean Street, the former Studebaker Service Station.

And of course, don’t miss the many Jamaican shops around Crown Heights. Gloria’s is the most famous, thanks to an Anthony Bourdain visit (the original location is in south Crown Heights, but a newer location is on Nostrand Avenue and Sterling Place). Peppa’s Jerk Chicken is a solid newcomer, and we’re hoping that Papa’s “hole in the wall” will open up shop again soon.