King Tai

We just love this oasis in the middle of Crown Heights. The Miami-esque vibe of King Tai, named after the Chinese restaurant that previously occupied the building, is truly unexpected on this stretch of Nostrand Avenue. All cocktails are $10 and the menu shows icons of the type of glass the drink comes in. Round bar stools circle the curved bar and pastel colors abound. Food and wine also served.

Franklin Park

This watering hole always does the trick. In the summers at Franklin Park, the former driveway is transformed into a cozy open air beer hall with picnic tables. In the winter, head inside for two brick-lined spaces (in a former garage) with a fireplace and classic games like Big Buck Hunter and air hockey. You can enter on St. John’s Place or through Dutch Boy Burger, also run by Franklin Park owners Matthew Roff and Anatoly Dubinsky.

Branch OFC

Branch OFC was founded by a former bartender at Franklin Park. The cocktail bar, located on Rogers Avenue south of Eastern Parkway, seems to take its design cues from the nondescript Italian social clubs in Brooklyn with its high front walls on the outside, a retro look on the inside with checkered vinyl floors and a vintage cash register. Cocktails are $11, beer, wine, snacks and sandwiches are also served. Monday nights are movie nights.

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