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  • WNYC Launches Town Hall Tracker [WNYC]: Congress is in recess this week for the first time since President Trump’s inauguration. The break is an opportunity for members to get out in their communities to meet with constituents and hear their concerns. Residents in the tri-state area can use WNYC’s Town Hall Tracker to see if their representatives are holding a public meeting this week.
  • Manse Built by America’s First Self-Made Millionaire in Jeopardy [NY Post]: It was 1917, and Madam Walker was America’s first female self-made millionaire, a former washwoman born from slaves who had made her fortune launching a line of hair-care products. The Irvington property, dubbed Villa Lewaro, was the pinnacle of her achievements: a 34-room Italianate manse in a neighborhood that was also home to Rockefellers and Astors.
  • A Revolutionary War Sword Turns Up in Tudor City [Ephemeral NY]:  A fascinating relic uncovered in 1929, when excavation was underway for the apartment buildings on the far East Side that would eventually become Tudor City. It’s a Hessian sword, described as a “slightly curved, single-edged iron blade” with a wooden grip and “helmet-shaped iron pommel” by the New-York Historical Society, which has the sword in its collection.
  • Demolition Reveals Old Broadway Bookstore Sign [West Side Rag]: The building on the Southwest corner of 81st street and Broadway is in the process of being demolished, and as the facade is being removed an old sign has peeked through. Bloomsday 2, a bookstore on that corner, was a popular spot in the 70’s. It appears to have closed in 1981, because that was the year that Shakespeare & Co. opened in the same location.

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