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  • On Staten Island, One of Oldest African American Enclaves is Preserved [Curbed NY]: New York City has always been a collection of diverse communities—and while many have since been paved over or transformed into new neighborhoods, in some places, visible remnants of the past remain. One such place is Staten Island’s Sandy Ground, which—along with Seneca Village, established in 1825 and located in Manhattan, and Weeksville, established in 1838 and located in present-day Crown Heights—was one of three prominent communities that free blacks called home in New York in the pre-Civil War era.
  • The Kosciuszko Bridge is about to be blown to bits [NY Post]: The state plans to blow up the old Kosciuszko Bridge within the next couple of months, as soon as it can move traffic to the new span running alongside it, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday. The desperately-needed new bridge, which carries the Brooklyn Queens Expressway over the Newtown Creek, has been under construction since 2015 and is expected to open in April. And then the state will dynamite the decrepit 78-year-old bridge, said Cuomo. Read about the secrets of the Kosciuszko Bridge.
  • Brooklyn’s Forgotten Pratt Grad, Witch and Tarot Card Reader [Brokelyn]: If you’ve ever seen a tarot deck, it was most likely illustrated or inspired by the drawings of Pamela Colman Smith, an England-born, Jamaica-raised, Brooklyn-educated artist. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 1897 and became a theater designer who was once hugely influential in the world of esoterica but has been all but forgotten today.

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