3. Alien Afterlife on the Lower East Side

yours mine & oursAlien Afterlife by Jeremy Couillard on view at Yours Mine & Ours

Alien Afterlife has descended upon the gallery, Yours Mind & Ours. Arriving at the tiny gallery, viewers are greeted by a couch and video game control pad, and are irresistibly drawn to sit down and play. Now firmly engaged in a world of fantasy, the player becomes intent on staying safe in this new & unpredictable world, knowing that “on Tuesday, we have to go to Costco to save the Universe.”

Parts of this video game were commissioned by the New Museum and Rhizome. Elements from the game space are features throughout the gallery in the form of furniture, rugs and bongs, adding to a feel of being inside the Alien Afterlife game world. Down the blue-lit staircase, in the basement, you will find two blogging aliens seated in front of their computers. Viewers are invited to join in on the Alien chat from home. Alien Afterlife is the creation of Jeremy Couillard, and will be on view until April 2, 2017 at Yours Mind & Ours Gallery, 54 Eldridge Street.