9. Poetry Jukebox Arrives in The Bowery

BC edwards co-curator of the Poetry Jukebox Untapped cities AFineLyneCo-Curator BC Edwards with the Poetry Jukebox installed in Extra Place

On the street art sidewalk of Extra Place, a “Poetry Jukebox” has landed. It was created by coffeehouse owners in the Czech Republic as part of an installation interpreted to be like New York City’s Sing for Hope pianos, the pop-up musical installations that animate the city’s public spaces each year. The Poetry Jukebox arrived in Extra Place, next to Howl! Happening Gallery, last week, filled with the voices of almost two dozen writers. These voices are a collective response to social justice in an effort to foster dialogue. The Poetry Jukebox is curated by Bob Holman and BC Edwards, and is presented by Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project, in association with Bowery Arts + Science, and the Czech Board of Tourism. It is located next to 6 East 1st Street, between Bowery and 2nd Avenue, and will be on view through the summer.

Poetry JukeboxThe Poetry Jukebox