3. Sea View Hospital is on the Second Highest Point on Staten Island

Sea View Hospital-Staten Island-NYCEDC-Drone Video-Sea View Healthy Community-NYCImage via NYCEDC Drone Video on Sea View Hospital

Seaview Hospital was built atop the former 25-acre hilltop estate of Charles Schmidt, which was known as “Ocean View” and is the tallest point on Staten Island apart from Todt Hill, which is the highest point in the five boroughs. According to the Commissioner of Public Charities at the time, the site was selected:

not only [to] meet the requirements of an adequate and healthy site, such as protection by rising ground and woodland from the north, northeast and northwest, good natural drainage with consequent warm soil, extended and diversified views for the distraction of patients – but one that would be easily accessible in the sense of transportation of patients with minimum risk and discomfort to the patients and the community at large; accessible in the sense of proximity,’ thereby permitting the visiting of friends with the minimum expense of time and money. It further became evident that the site should be one providing the surroundings of the country, naturally protected from encroachment by the growth of the City, permitting of ground extension at reasonable cost and removed from unpleasant and unattractive associations whether, sentimental or actual.