2. Many of the Buildings at Sea View Hospital Have Been Renovated and Repurposed

In addition to the renovation of the nurses’s quarters into Park Lane senior housing in 2009, many other buildings have been repurposed for other uses, including the City Mission Chapel, formerly the Chapel of St. Luke, the Physician, which is now the Sea View Playwright’s Theatre:

Abandoned Sea View Hospital-Buildings-Staten Island-NYC-036

The Pathology Laboratory is the offices of the Staten Island Ballet:

Staten Island Ballet-Pathology Laboratory-Sea View Hospital-NYC

The former Dining Hall, Kitchen, Service and Bakery Building from 1914 is now the Camelot, a counseling and living recovery program for young men battling substance abuse:

Abandoned Sea View Hospital-Camelot-Dining Hall-Staten Island-NYC.JPG

In addition, the surgical pavilion has been converted into a museum and the renovation of the Director’s House has accompanied the construction of The Brielle, a new assisted living facility on the Sea View property:

Abandoned Sea View Hospital-Buildings-Staten Island-NYC

An example of the women’s tuberculosis dormitories on the eastern side of the Sea View complex. One of these was renovated into eight units of senior housing, known as Park Lane at Sea View Cottage in 2009:

Abandoned Sea View Hospital-Buildings-Staten Island-NYC-028

The Staten Island Farm Colony, across the street, is part of the same historic district and is undergoing conversion into a multi-use complex with age-restricted senior housing, affordable housing, and publicly accessible open space.