The closing of the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel last night for a renovation into condos hit a nerve for many of Untapped Cities’ writers and tour guides. Despite other seeming immovable plans, Laurie Gwen Shapiro hopped in a taxi to say goodbye. David Freeland checked in to the hotel. With so much history and so many secrets. Lynn Lieberman, who authored our Secrets of the Waldorf-Astoria article, shared a bevy of photographs she’s taken over the years. Here are Shapiro’s, Lieberman’s, and Freeland’s photographs from the last night at the hotel:

Waldorf Astoria Hotel-Closing-Renovation-February 28 2017-Lobby-NYC-001In the Waldorf archives area

The Waldorf-Astoria hotel proper will be reduced in size and remaining sections repurposed into condo apartments. This continues a trend already extant inside the Waldorf Astoria: The Waldorf Towers has been a separate residence since 1931. Though the interior landmark for the Waldorf Astoria is still awaiting it’s hearing, it is expected that the public areas, such as the lobby, will be kept and spruced up.

Kitchen in the Waldorf Astoria Untapped Cities AFineLyneKitchen in the Waldorf Astoria (we snagged a pastry)

Frank Sinatra use to stay in this roomThe Frank Sinatra room in the Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-10Dinner room at the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf. Barack Obama was the last US president to stay at the suite.

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-004During renovations, the clock will be on display at the New-York Historical Society

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-5

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-8

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-007

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYCCole Porter’s Piano

Waldorf Astoria-Closing-Renovation-February 28-2017-NYC-7

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