9. The Last Astoria Ferry – restoring a vital link to a pioneering neighborhood after four generations

Astoria was home to the first regular ferry service in Queens, established during the Revolutionary War. In the 19th century, Hallet’s Cove – as the neighborhood was once called – supported many maritime businesses and heavy industries. Yet, unlike other waterfront communities, Astoria has no recent history of ferry service. The last Astoria ferry ran to East 92nd Street, between 1920 to 1936, when New York City was taking over struggling ferry operators. The ferry was terminated after the completion of the Tri-Borough Bridge. Though few New Yorkers today can recall taking these ferries, Citywide Ferry Service is re-building Astoria’s connection to the East River at Hallet’s Cove. The launch of a new Astoria ferry this year will mark a dramatic end to the neighborhood’s 80-year gap in water-mass transit.