4.  Fearless Girl Arrives on Wall Street

Fearless Girl-Sculpture-Wall Street Bull-State Street Global Advisors-NYC1

The investment management company, State Street Global Advisors, with support from the ad agency, McCann New York, commissioned  a 50-inch tall, 250 pound bronze statue of a Fearless Girl, standing in a defiant position and set in front of the eleven-foot tall, 7,000 pound iconic Charging-Bull sculpture. In honor of International Women’s Day, this sculpture was commissioned to symbolize the lack of women on Wall Street Boards. However, Fearless Girl has not been received as such by everyone. While it has drawn crowds of onlookers, eager to take selfies, some have suggested that the placement of the statue implies that women are not part of the Wall Street culture, or that the current focus of the Women’s Movement is directed at something else altogether. It has also brought out some lude behavior.

Created by artist, Kristen Visbal, Fearless Girl features a plaque at the foot of the statue that says “Know the power of women in leadership, SHE makes a difference.” It will be on view in Bowling Green Park through April 2nd—although a petition has been circulating for its permanent installation.