11. Hatchet Gang HQ: Golden Sand Restaurant

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

The restaurant the Hatchet Gang hangs out at (and runs it seems) is the Golden Sand Seafood Restaurant at 39 East Broadway, located about three and a half blocks from Chikara Dojo. It’s also half a block from Chatham Square where there is a real life tunnel once utilized by Chinatown gangs.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for Iron Fist on Netflix

  1. While you’re over in East Broadway, Chinatown area, visit the restaurant for the Hatchet Gang, you go to 39-41 Golden Sand Restaurant.

  2. Rand Enterprises. While probably a set, the views outside the windows do put the office uptown as noted around Rock Center. Interestingly enough, some shots should include the Avengers head quarters in the background, but do not.

  3. The exterior for Coleen Wings Chakara Dojo is located at 47 Monroe Street.
    The Grand Duel from Episode 6 was filmed inside a warehouse on Coffey street in Brooklyn across from Louis Valnetino Jr park.
    I was there when it was being filmed.

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